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MX Records – Sending Me Email

It has come to my attention that the MX records for the domain have not be in place for a couple of months since I transferred my domain to a new registrar. If you have recently attempted to contact me via email for any reason, I most likely did not receive your email message.… Read More »

StorURL Online Revamp

I have been working on a revamp for StorURL Online. The old one is showing its age, and it’s about time it has gone. The new version supports new methods of connecting, like mobile phones, tablets, and such. It still works well in a standard browser as well. I have upgraded security* and because of… Read More »

New Application: Time Lapser

It has been a long time since I’ve developed and released an application on this site, but that drought is over! Today I announce a new application called Time Lapser. It’s a simple application to let you combine a directory full of JPEG images into a movie file. I had been using an application called… Read More »

New Version of SMTP Mail Sender

Version of SMTP Mail Sender is available. This was a simple fix to allow it to accept the -cc and -bcc flags from the command line. It also allows you to add one or both of the following options to the configuration file: cc=<> bcc=<> This will automatically populate those fields every time the… Read More »

TrueIP crashing at startup

As of Saturday, February 18th, I have been notified that TrueIP is no longer functioning for people around the world. I have done a little research and found the problem and a potential solution. It appears that no longer functions properly. It has been working for years, but I imagine it has been abused,… Read More »

Request to TrueIP Users

Hello everyone! I have recently noticed that a significant amount of TrueIP users have set their update time to an unrealistically low value, which is causing servers to slow for others. I would like to request a few changes be made if possible. Firstly, while I originally included an update page on the domain,… Read More »

New Application: Pandora Desktop

Recently I opened my Pandora application and was greeted with a message stating that I needed to pay to continue using the Pandora desktop application. While it would have given me features such as ad-less music, I felt $36 was not worth the 12 months of music. I write free applications, after all. So after… Read More »

New Application: FileGen Free

After a long absence from programming freeware, I have released a new application called FileGen Free. It is available from the applications page or directly from the information page. FileGen Free is an application that helps you quickly generate large amounts of files for testing. It was designed to help debug applications that run into… Read More »