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More New Things

Today I learned the basics for building an Android™ app. My first foray into this world is a very, very simple interface to the Bike Management online application. It’s not yet released on the Google Play store, as I don’t feel it’s up to snuff for paying the $25 registration fee yet. I am going… Read More »

New Application: Gmail Checker

Annoyed that Google Talk doesn’t work anymore and you have no idea when you have new messages in your Gmail inbox? I was, so I made an app for that. Gmail Checker is a simple application that runs in your system tray watching your Gmail inbox for new messages. When it sees one, it changes… Read More »

New Application: Remote Manager

I have posted a new application called Remote Manager. It is an application that helps you manage your remote connections using PuTTY, TightVNC and Microsoft Remote Desktop clients. It is designed to act like a chat program buddy list, with a vertical window that makes it easy to expand and contract the different types for… Read More »

New Application: WOLSend

Hi Everybody! I have uploaded a new application called WOLSend. It’s a very basic command-line only program that allows you to send the “magic” packets on a local area network to wake up specific computers. To add to the program, I have for the first time for any of my applications, released the source code… Read More »