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Experimental TrueIP dynamic DNS entries

I have been experimenting with sub-domain delegation lately, and I have implemented a cool new experimental feature for TrueIP Online. When you sign up and have the TrueIP desktop client report your computer’s latest external IP address, it will shortly update on my DNS server as well. That means you will no longer have to… Read More »

More New Things

Today I learned the basics for building an Android™ app. My first foray into this world is a very, very simple interface to the Bike Management online application. It’s not yet released on the Google Play store, as I don’t feel it’s up to snuff for paying the $25 registration fee yet. I am going… Read More »

New tool and Patreon!

I’ve been working on a new tool lately to help track my bike mileage.  I was doing this in a spreadsheet for the past six months, and thought to myself, why am I repeating work setting up columns and rows and such for each month, just to extract interesting data? So now, there is an… Read More »

StorURL Online Revamp

I have been working on a revamp for StorURL Online. The old one is showing its age, and it’s about time it has gone. The new version supports new methods of connecting, like mobile phones, tablets, and such. It still works well in a standard browser as well. I have upgraded security* and because of… Read More »