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TrueIP now supports posting to custom URLs

In the world of dynamic DNS, there are many different providers, and not so many clients that support those providers. Today I released a new version of TrueIP that allows you to specify custom URLs, fields, etc to GET/POST to. I personally use the dynamic DNS option with my domains for various dynamic hosts. I… Read More »

TrueIP v2.0.3.0 can do a new thing!

Thanks to a suggestion from a user, the latest version of TrueIP can do a new task. When the external IP address changes, TrueIP can now execute a command with parameters. You can use this to do things like restart a service, or even restart the system if you want. In hindsight this seems like… Read More »

New version of StorURL

I have just released a new version of StorURL. This version has a lot of cool new features. Check out the list below: Added option to password protect your databases. Now you can keep prying eyes from opening your database file without a password. Added ability to store credentials in the database. You can now… Read More »

StorURL 3.0 is now available!

After many years, I have finally updated StorURL. With this new version, you get all the features of the old version, but now all data is stored in an easy to use database format. It is much more efficient and easier to manage, as it’s only a single file. Also, since the data is stored… Read More »

Remote Manager Update

Today I uploaded a new version of Remote Manager, I have been using Remote Manager daily at my normal job, and the interface just didn’t handle the sheer number of server connections I now need to make to complete my duties. Due to this, I took some time and implemented a new feature to… Read More »

Update: Pandora Desktop

Pandora Desktop has been updated! In September 2011, Pandora changed how they deliver music to the desktop. Instead of a player that used Adobe Flash as the application platform, it has now been updated to be fully HTML5 compliant. Due to this change on, I have updated the player available for download from my… Read More »

Update: TrueIP and Zune Playlist Converter

A new version of TrueIP was released on April 15, 2011. The application now supports email servers that require SSL authentication before allowing to send messages through their SMTP service. Websites that require this include Gmail and Hotmail. Please let me know if you have any issues with this feature, as it is new and… Read More »

Update: SMTP Mail Sender

A new update is available for SMTP Mail Sender. It now supports carbon copies and blind carbon copies on outgoing messages. This was a request made by numerous users and I am proud to have included it in the latest update. Please report any problems with the latest version. You can grab the latest version… Read More »

Update: Pandora Desktop

Hi Everyone! Today I am releasing an updated version of Pandora Desktop. It doesn’t have any feature changes, but it does now work on 64-bit versions of Windows. 64-bit versions of Windows ship with both a 32-bit version and 64-bit version of Internet Explorer. The 64-bit version is basically useless though, as there are very… Read More »