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🎉Woohoo! As of earlier this week, more than 500,000 downloads of various free applications have occurred. Thanks to all of those who have tried and enjoyed using my applications. I’m glad that you have found something of mine useful enough to spend the time and resources to download and try it out. HazteK Software has… Read More »

New App: Data URI Creator

Do you develop websites or other applications that use HTML to display images? Have you ever been annoyed that you forgot to include an image when uploading a page, or releasing a package, and then your HTML document was rendered improperly? Have you heard of Data URIs? They are pretty neat ways to embed an… Read More »


I’ve got some exciting-ish news. As of this week, all of HazteK Software’s websites are available via HTTPS. That means traffic between my server and your computer is encrypted from end-to-end. It was about time we caught up with the rest of the internet, and thanks to both StartSSL and the Let’s Encrypt project, we… Read More »

New Website Hosting & Design Changes

Ok, here’s the latest information. I’ve decided to cut back on the dynamic aspects of the website. I converted everything over to basic HTML/CSS with no dynamic tracking or counters. It is a very low bandwidth website now. There are very few images, except screenshots and the title image. I tried to design it without… Read More »

URL Change

I’ve been kicked out of my free data center hosting. I had to bring the server into my house, but Verizon blocks incoming port 80. Currently I have a redirect set up so that all traffic going to is redirected to It kinda sucks having to host the page on port 81, since… Read More »