MX Records – Sending Me Email

It has come to my attention that the MX records for the domain have not be in place for a couple of months since I transferred my domain to a new registrar. If you have recently attempted to contact me via email for any reason, I most likely did not receive your email message. I’m sorry about that, and I hope that I have resolved the issue fully as of this posting. If you still have need to get in contact with me, please try the Contact page again to send me a new message.


I’ve got some exciting-ish news. As of this week, all of HazteK Software’s websites are available via HTTPS. That means traffic between my server and your computer is encrypted from end-to-end. It was about time we caught up with the rest of the internet, and thanks to both StartSSL and the Let’s Encrypt project, we have SSL enabled for free! HazteK Software has always been a hobby, and not something that makes me money, so costing $0 was the biggest need for the certificates.

While the main site is encrypted, this is mostly beneficial for our online tools, TrueIP and StorURL. You no longer need to worry about your user accounts being compromised because your credentials are transmitted over plain text.

Update: If you are seeing a SEC_ERROR_OCSP_BAD_SIGNATURE error message in Firefox when trying to use any of the HazteK Software sites, there are a few options.

  1. Easy: Use a different browser, like Chrome, Opera or Internet Explorer. I haven’t run into an issue with any of these options, only Firefox.
  2. Advanced: Open your about:config settings and set both security.ssl.enable_ocsp_must_staple and security.ssl.enable_ocsp_stapling to false. From what I understand, this does not really impact security, but Firefox is programmed wrong and instead of failing open when it is unable to contact the OCSP server, it is failing closed and not allowing any traffic to the site.
  3. Use HTTP and forego SSL. All of our sites still listen on standard HTTP ports as well. This is not recommended for services like TrueIP and StorURL, but the option is there if you feel safe doing so.
  4. Donate! Any money donated to me for the site will allow me to buy certificates from a provider instead of relying on free services like StartSSL, which seems to be the issue at the moment.

StorURL Online Revamp

storurl-online1I have been working on a revamp for StorURL Online. The old one is showing its age, and it’s about time it has gone. The new version supports new methods of connecting, like mobile phones, tablets, and such. It still works well in a standard browser as well. I have upgraded security* and because of this, all original accounts will need to be re-registered.

In addition to supporting almost everything the old version supported, I’ve added some new things:

  • Scan bookmarks to make sure they are still relevant. The web changes, sometimes things that are bookmarked are deleted or moved.
  • You can now export your entire bookmark collection to an easy to use CSV file.
  • Responsive layout for easy use on many different devices.
  • Import a bookmark backup file (JSON) from Mozilla Firefox.

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Remote Manager Update

Today I uploaded a new version of Remote Manager, I have been using Remote Manager daily at my normal job, and the interface just didn’t handle the sheer number of server connections I now need to make to complete my duties. Due to this, I took some time and implemented a new feature to allow grouping of connections. You can now move PuTTY/SSH connections among various groups, and then in the application configuration decide whether you want to expand or contract individual groups. The same grouping feature has been added for Remote Desktop connections as well. It’s as simple as making sub-directories in your configured RDP folder and populating those sub-directories with your RDP documents.

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HazteK Software Website Revamp!

The HazteK Software website has been revamped! It has been a long time coming, but finally I have updated the site to be more modern and efficient! It should be much easier now to keep the site up to date. I tried to keep the same relative formatting as before, but now it’s running on a content management system, instead of me having to manually build and maintain every single page.

If you see any missing pages or files, please use the search function provided, or navigate to it through the menu. Search engines will take a little while to update their links, so they may be redirecting you to old versions of pages.

New Application: Gmail Checker

Annoyed that Google Talk doesn’t work anymore and you have no idea when you have new messages in your Gmail inbox? I was, so I made an app for that. Gmail Checker is a simple application that runs in your system tray watching your Gmail inbox for new messages. When it sees one, it changes its icon to the icon from Google Talk that notified you when you had a new message. It also slides up a window that looks very similar to the one Google Talk displayed when you had a new message. The main difference is that it doesn’t put the email content in the popup, it’s just a numeric notification.

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New Application: Time Lapser

Time Lapser ScreenshotIt has been a long time since I’ve developed and released an application on this site, but that drought is over! Today I announce a new application called Time Lapser. It’s a simple application to let you combine a directory full of JPEG images into a movie file. I had been using an application called PhotoLapse to make time lapse videos from the web cams provided by the NPS at Glen Canyon NRA, but I did not like the interface provided, so I decided to make my own.

This application hasn’t really been fully tested, but it has been generating videos for myself without many issues. I am releasing it as a beta, until I can get any and all bugs ironed out, but please feel free to try it out and definitely report any crashes or other issues with it on the contact page.

As always, grab the latest version from the application page or download Time Lapser directly, and have fun making time lapse videos!

New Version of SMTP Mail Sender

Version of SMTP Mail Sender is available. This was a simple fix to allow it to accept the -cc and -bcc flags from the command line. It also allows you to add one or both of the following options to the configuration file:


This will automatically populate those fields every time the application loads.

These were very simple changes to the application, and it should be fully backwards compatible with any scripts that you may be using to launch and automatically send emails with. If you run into problems, feel free to contact me via the contact page.

Download the latest version from the application information page, or download it directly.

TrueIP crashing at startup

As of Saturday, February 18th, I have been notified that TrueIP is no longer functioning for people around the world. I have done a little research and found the problem and a potential solution.

It appears that no longer functions properly. It has been working for years, but I imagine it has been abused, much like my own service was, so they had to take it down. Or it possibly could just be down temporarily for maintenance. Either way, to make TrueIP work again, the primary lookup site needs to be replaced with an alternative. You can try changing the lookup site in your preferences to or and see if that resolves the issue. If you can’t get TrueIP to launch at all (which seems to be the case for most people), you can perform the following steps:

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Update: Pandora Desktop

Pandora Desktop has been updated! In September 2011, Pandora changed how they deliver music to the desktop. Instead of a player that used Adobe Flash as the application platform, it has now been updated to be fully HTML5 compliant. Due to this change on, I have updated the player available for download from my site to support this new format. The new version has only been tested with Internet Explorer 9 installed on my system, so if you run into problems, I recommend upgrading your browser to the latest. If you are running Windows XP and find that you can no longer use the application, please let me know so I can save others the trouble of downloading the application if it will not work for them.

Like always, you can grab the latest version from the application information page or download it directly by clicking this link.

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