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Color Picker is a simple tool to let you select any color you see on your computer's screen. It will provide that color data to you in red, green, and blue values or in an HTML hex format for easy copying into your site's CSS code.

It does not do anything else. It doesn't hide in your system tray, it doesn't have any options or parameters. It doesn't let you adjust the color after you've picked it. It just lets you pick the color from the screen and gives you the values necessary to use that color somewhere.
Main Interface
The following items are required for Color Picker to run properly.
Supported/Tested Operating Systems
The following operating systems are supported for running Color Picker. It may run on other operating systems, but I have not tested any except the ones listed.
Video Tutorials
Using Color Picker
Gerard B. P. Kiekens
May 19, 2022
Great utility. Does simply (and lightning fast) what it's supposed to do. Stands way above the competition. Thank you.
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