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Fonty lets a user see all the installed fonts on their system and see what a typed message will look like in all those fonts simultaneously.
Fonty main interfaceFonty running on Xubuntu
The following items are required for Fonty to run properly.
Supported/Tested Operating Systems
The following operating systems are supported for running Fonty. It may run on other operating systems, but I have not tested any except the ones listed.
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January 16, 2021
Thank you for the excellent Fonty! I think it would benefit from a 64-bit version, since it can get CPU-intensive on older PCs.
April 19, 2020
Nice software. Would be even nicer if I could choose a custom folder.
Joey Hazlett
April 19, 2020
I'm not quite sure why you would need a custom folder. The purpose of the app is to list all fonts currently _installed_ on your system.
August 29, 2020
Windows is very slow, at its maximum capacity of 2k fonts.
Some people work in editing, have 5k or more fonts, which obviously are kept in an external folder :)
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