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December 18, 2016
I've been working on a new tool lately to help track my bike mileage.  I was doing this in a spreadsheet for the past six months, and thought to myself, why am I repeating work setting up columns and rows and such for each month, just to extract interesting data? So now, there is an online tool available to do it all for me. If you're interested, check it out. It's my first online tool that is available on my personal domain instead of the HazteK Software domain. Like all my tools, it's free for everyone to use, but if you don't like ads, maybe consider becoming a patron of mine and I will remove the advertisements from your account!

That brings me to my second topic of this post: Patreon. I've registered as a creator on Patreon! That means if you find my software to be extremely helpful and want to help support what I do, you now have an easy way to do so. For $1 per month, you can help to support HazteK Software build useful new tools and maintain the ones that exist already. That's only $12 per year, and it will make all our online tools ad-free for your account. I'm excited to be able to announce this, as I have been searching for a way to accept peoples' support without working within the confines of straight donations. So if you're interested, check us out on the HazteK Software Patreon account and join in as a supporter!