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May 31, 2017
Recently a user requested the ability to run TrueIP as a Windows service. This seems like a fairly useful feature, and I've put some thought into actually implementing it. Unfortunately, the current version of TrueIP does not support running as a Windows service due to its requirements for the user interface features like the system tray. So I am wondering, how useful does this feature sound? It would basically require a re-write of TrueIP to run as a service, as it can't have any UI components in the main code. One of the benefits of something like this would be that it could run without a user logging in, as soon as the system starts up. I've never written a Windows service application before, so it may be new and exciting to me. I'd like to get the opinion of my users to see if this is worth my time to work on. What do you think? Pick an answer in the poll below and at the end of June I'll decide one way or the other whether it's worth implementing.

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