Pandora Desktop

pandora_nowplaying pandora_controls Pandora Desktop was developed after I returned from a vacation to find my official Pandora Desktop Application no longer functioned properly. They were asking me for $36/year to continue using it. I decided that I do not mind the advertisements but do not like to keep a browser tab open to the website at all times. This was a simple solution that will hopefully help many people who do not mind advertisements in their music and do not want to pay $36 per year.

  • Supports new HTML5 version of released September 2011.
  • Plays music from just like if you kept your browser window open to the website.
  • Runs in the system tray so it doesn’t waste space on your taskbar.
  • Very simple interface.
Pandora Desktop requires the .NET 2.0 Framework Visit the dependencies page if you do not already have it installed.
Tested Operating Systems: Windows® 7 32/64bit

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