Pandora Desktop

pandora_nowplaying pandora_controls Pandora Desktop is discontinued. It stopped working when Pandora released a new version of their web player. It is not worth the effort to try and fix this client. Sorry. This page is kept here for posterity.

Pandora Desktop was developed after I returned from a vacation to find my official Pandora Desktop Application no longer functioned properly. They were asking me for $36/year to continue using it. I decided that I do not mind the advertisements but do not like to keep a browser tab open to the website at all times. This was a simple solution that will hopefully help many people who do not mind advertisements in their music and do not want to pay $36 per year.

  • Supports new HTML5 version of released September 2011.
  • Plays music from just like if you kept your browser window open to the website.
  • Runs in the system tray so it doesn’t waste space on your taskbar.
  • Very simple interface.
Pandora Desktop requires the .NET 2.0 Framework Visit the dependencies page if you do not already have it installed.
Tested Operating Systems: Windows® 7 32/64bit


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