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zuneplaylistconverter-xfcezpl2m3uZune Playlist Converter will take any Zune playlist and convert it to either an m3u playlist or pls playlist that works in Winamp and other audio players that support one of those formats. It is very simple and fast. Tests on playlists containing over 2500 songs have shown that it takes less than a second to do a complete conversion.


Zune Playlist Converter requires the the Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework installed on your system. You can download it from Microsoft’s website, or through Windows Updates. For Linux systems, you will need to install Wine with Mono.

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21 thoughts on “Zune Playlist Converter

  1. AvatarBob Krug

    I was hoping it would do the reverse by converting an M3U file to a zpl file, but it doesn’t. It would have been great.

  2. AvatarClint

    7 years later and this software is still working great. Thanks!

  3. Avatarndizzot

    I, too, wanna say thank you for this. I use zune and make a lot of Auto Playlists. Nice to convert them for use on my phone, etc. Thanks!

  4. AvatarDan

    I can not say enough how greatly helpful the Zune Playlist Converter was. I have been pulling my hair out to get my list transferred from my Gen 2 Zune to an older Ipod Nano that I have for gym use. Thank you so much!

  5. AvatarDasugo

    many thanks for this. I use a Windows phone and this is great to help with sending playlists for my wife’s Android phone.

  6. AvatarBrian

    Thanks for this – very useful. I use it to convert Zune playlists to a format that my Squeezebox understands, but both Zone and the Squeezebox store the music on the same location on the network and so the resulting m3u file does not work.

    It would be great if paths that contain network shares could be changed to remove the server bit and change the to / so that they are compatible with Squeezebox Server.



  7. AvatarBillW

    Thanks for this. Really appreciate your making this available for free.

  8. Avatarl8zfish

    Thanks for the help. I had been trying to figure out how to covert my zune play lists for days in order to have my squeezebox recognize them.

    You rock..and now so do I!

  9. AvatarTravis

    Thank you so much! God I have been looking for program like this forever! You are a God send!

  10. AvatarTylersonchik

    Great app. Between this for converting from ZPLs to M3Us and oddgravity’s Playlist Creator saving me from using Zune’s slow, clunky playlist editor, I’m set. 🙂

  11. AvatarNik Blackwell

    Thanks for making this applet. It works perfectly, and doesn’t even cause UAC to bring up a security check on Windows 7. Always nice when a downloaded program doesn’t do that. The only way I can think of how it could be better is if it defaulted to the Zune playlist folder. Much appreciated. BTW the name is perfect and exactly what I Googled to find such an app. Also someone blog about it here:- http://dcassman.blogspot.com/2009/05/zune-playlist-converter.html


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