WinPosition is a simple application to allow you to manage the location of your various windows on your computer. It came about after the Winsplit Revolution application was discontinued and there was no longer a free version available.

WinPosition really works well with high resolution (4K+) screens where you don’t really need to maximize your windows to be effective. It pairs well with Remote Manager to manage PuTTY windows if you need to be logged into multiple SSH hosts simultaneously.

  • Use the Ctrl+Alt+NumPad keys to control where your open windows go
  • Create as many different layouts as you want for key, and cycle through them
WinPosition requires the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework
Tested Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10

ZIP file • 247KB

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9 thoughts on “WinPosition

  1. makina

    I don’t like the fact of having to click upon 3 keys, sometimes the keyboard is locked out or just doesn’t react well when you press the keys.
    with WinSplit I can change the window size with a mouse click which is much more comfortable and fast
    hope you fix this issue or let the user to select other keys….

    1. Joey HazlettJoey Hazlett Post author

      Hi Makina and thank you for the feedback. When you say that you can control the window size with a mouse click, can you clarify what you mean? The good news about your dislike of WinPosition is that there are alternatives out there, including the one you mentioned, WinSplit Revolution. 🙂

      1. makina

        Yep. you can control WinSplit with your mouse if you have used it you might know what I mean
        I would not mind if it was only a key for pressing but I find it ridiculous Control+Alt+Key
        AquaSnap also is a great tool but unfortunately it doesn’t support XP

        1. Joey HazlettJoey Hazlett Post author

          I have used WinSplit for years, I have never once used the mouse to do anything with it other than open the configuration window. Everything I’ve ever done with it is with the Ctrl+Alt+NumPad buttons, and it fulfilled my needs entirely. The only reason why I wrote WinPosition was because WinSplit started acting funky when I upgraded to a 4K monitor. Eventually I figured out that it wasn’t WinSplit’s fault, it was the LG software that came with the monitor causing more harm than good. I removed it and WinSplit works perfectly well. Since I primarily write software to address my own personal needs (WinSplit not working in my specific monitor instance), what I release usually does so without implementing every feature other software does as well. I try not to copy things just for the sake of copying them, only if they are useful to me. The great thing about free software is that it usually does not stop working just because the developer stops updating it. Since you’re on Windows XP still, WinSplit should continue to fulfill your needs, and you don’t need anything updated.
          That AquaSnap tool does look impressive. It looks like it does a lot more things than I ever need to do with my computer, but their demos on the site make the tool look very useful and polished.

  2. Ron

    On winsplit revolution I configured the alt + ctrl + left\right arrow keys to move windows from monitor to monitor.
    Is the same is possible with Win Position?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Joey HazlettJoey Hazlett Post author

      Hi Ron,

      It currently does not support that feature, but if your keyboard has a Windows key on it and you are running Windows 7 or higher, you should be able to just hit Win+Left Arrow or Win+Right Arrow to accomplish almost the same thing.

    1. Joey HazlettJoey Hazlett Post author

      Yes WinPosition supports Windows 10. Half of its development was done on that OS. I’ve tested it on XP, 7 and 10. It uses basic Windows APIs that have been around since Windows 2000, so it should work on any version of Windows released since then.


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