StorURL is a bookmark manager. It helps you to store links to all of your favorite websites in one central repository. It works with the browsers installed on your system so you can open your links in any web browser you’d like from one central interface.

  • Import your bookmarks from most major browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.
  • Open websites in any browser installed on your computer, directly from within StorURL.
  • Store and sort sites in unlimited categories.
  • Enable a floating toolbar that you can keep anywhere on your screen, for quick access to all your bookmarks.
  • Generate HTML “home” pages containing links from one or all categories.
  • Portable mode! Now, run it from a USB thumb drive! Check out the ZIP download further down the page.

In this modern era, sometimes you aren’t able to get to your own personal PC where StorURL may be installed. If you’re the type of person who moves around from computer to computer, there is a StorURL solution for you! Check out our web-based version of StorURL , which is available for use for free, just like the desktop version. Have a few moments to spare? Please rate StorURL at the SnapFiles website!

StorURL requires the Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework
StorURL also requires the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update.
Tested Operating Systems: Windows® XP, Windows® 7 32/64-bit, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10

StorURL running on Windows 10

StorURL running on Windows 10

StorURL running on Windows XP

StorURL running on Windows XP

StorURL running on Windows 8.1

StorURL running on Windows 8.1

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41 thoughts on “StorURL

  1. no need

    Please include releasing dates in changelog!
    And add a home or back button on changelog page.
    Thank you.

  2. Salar

    I want to thank you very much for the great tools (especially this one) you have developed and made them available for free.

    I’m really enjoying StorURL, it has lot’s of potentials to be the best among it’s other free and even paid rivals. I’m just hoping you wouldn’t stop developing this anytime soon.

    However it is lacking deduplicating, and I think it’s one of the top features any bookmark manager should have. I’m really awaiting an update with this feature.

    About importing bookmarks, I’m using Opera Beta browser and the Opera’s bookmark importing feature just looks for Opera Stable’s profile directory at “%USERPROFILE\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable”.
    It would be great for it to look at “~\Opera Software\Opera Next” and “~\Opera Software\Opera Developer” in addition, to find the Opera Beta and Developer Bookmark file too.

    And last of all, having some control over font sizes would be great. But not much important!

    Thank you again Joey.

    1. Joey HazlettJoey Hazlett Post author

      Hi Salar!

      Thank you for the suggestions. Deduplication is on the road map, but I haven’t had the time to implement it.

      For the Opera bookmark importation, you should be able to navigate to the location of your bookmarks wherever they are. By default I set the browse window to the standard Opera directory, since that will be what most users would expect. As long as the bookmark file format is the same across all of the different browsers you specified, they should import without any issues.

      As for the font size request, I will add it to the feature wish list.

      1. Salar

        Your welcome and thank you for replying.

        I can import the bookmarks from Opera Next manually. But as there is no browser extension for StorURL to automatically sync with the browser, or a 1click button in the program to read the bookmark file again, I just wanted to reduce the needed time for updating my bookmarks in the program and getting any new ones. As I do this frequently.

        Thanks for accepting font size customization feature. I hope you get some free time soon to implement deduplication too.

        I really wished I could donate to you, but unfortunately Iran is under prohibition by USA and we can’t have PayPal or any other similar internatinal financial accounts legally. Therefore I’m trying to give back a little to your efforts in another way, and I have already something in mind to extend StorURL.

        Have a good time.

  3. dB

    Great free tool, and many thanks for it!
    A little suggestion : a clickable listing of tags…

    Thanks again for your works!

  4. Jon

    I like it, but the ability to re-arrange the folders would be good. I have folders that I would like to be seated under each other as they are related, but I can’t seem to move /re-arrange them.

    1. Joey HazlettJoey Hazlett Post author

      Jon, you should be able to move folders into other folders with out issue. StorURL currently does not allow you to manually sort items at the same level. If you want a folder that is related to another folder, they should either both go into a shared parent category, or just put one inside the other one.

  5. Alec

    Hello Joey

    Thank you for this great program. I still have the original version which is working fine.

    In case I want to upgrade and also for backup purposes can you tell me where is the database located, or is it within the program itself?


    1. Joey HazlettJoey Hazlett Post author

      Hi Alec,

      With the original StorURL 1.0-2.49 versions, the database is stored in the application’s directory. There will be a separate text based file for each category. If you point the latest version at the install path for StorURL 1.0 using the built-in import functionality, it should bring your database into the modern era. Click File->Import->StorURL Database->Version 1.0-2.49. In the dialog that pops up, select the C:\Program Files\StorURL directory (assuming that’s where you installed it).

  6. Zero Descriptor

    Heya! Thanks for the great program. In a recent version, importing Firefox Bookmarks now also includes descriptions which is great. I have a lot of bookmarks with descriptions but I also have a lot of ones that are blank and I would like to keep them all blank. However. when importing the bookmarks, most (not all, probably a bug) of the blank descriptions get automatically populated with “Imported from Firefox”. I feel this is redundant and unnecessary since the category already says where its imported from. It just makes a fairly large collection of bookmarks descriptions cluttered and maybe increases database size too.

    So yeah, that’s my one suggestion. Keep Imported bookmarks descriptions that are blank from being populated with “imported From Firefox”. What is nothing should stay nothing.

  7. ene

    Thank you for the floating bar hotkey !
    However it only works when the Storurl window is active. Could you please try to make it work frow anywhere (ie even when storurl is in the system tray) ?

    Thank you for considering my request !

  8. AltairAC

    Importing bookmarks from a Firefox .json backup file doesn’t work for me.

    OS: Win10x86 (version 1607)
    I tried both the portable and installer version. I have Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework and Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update. I also tried running StorURL as Admin.

    Importing bookmarks from a Firefox Places file works as advertised so it’s not that important to me but I thought reporting this might be a good idea. Maybe the problem is on my side.

  9. alex

    Thank you for the program! I found that the imported bookmarks in folders are arranged in descending order from A to Z. This is very inconvenient, because the bookmarks were in logical order, and not in letters. Is it possible to hope that the next updates will implement the ability to undo the hard alphabetical order?

    1. Joey HazlettJoey Hazlett Post author

      Hi Alex,

      I understand your frustration with the method in which StorURL orders the bookmarks after importation. StorURL currently does not store order state, as that gets really messy to keep track of within the database. I will add it to the list of “wants,” but at this point in time I don’t have an immediate plan to implement this feature.

  10. bookmark user

    I have a difficulty to use the application: HOW to import Google Chrome bookmarks ? (non html) please ?
    when I go to FILE>IMPORT>CHROME
    it open a window in the ggchrome folder but then I can’ t find anything there ! (wich looks like a bookmark file)
    Same thing with Firefox….
    and same thing with opera (opera it can’ t find the location maybe because it is a portable version)

    1. bookmark user

      Hi developers, I have founde where were the bookmark file of ggchrome, in fact it is not in the ‘default’ folder, but in the ‘ profile1 ‘ folder…lol !
      Anyway I think I am good to continue to test your app, excuse me for my coms.

      1. Joey HazlettJoey Hazlett Post author

        Thanks for finding that. It may be helpful to other users in the future. StorURL doesn’t know which profile you want to import from for Chrome, so it picks the “default” folder, as that’s the most common place for a user to have their Chrome bookmarks stored. With Firefox, it will be similar. If there is more than one profile in Firefox, it will not know which one you want to import from, and may make a wrong decision.

  11. AltairAC

    Feature suggestion: duplicate bookmarks finder (and cleaner).

    I’ve got Firefox on my PC and on my laptop. There’s a huge intersection of bookmarks between the two so it would be cool if StorURL could locate and delete the duplicates. I’ll import the .json bookmark backup from my laptop Firefox into my PC Firefox and use an Firefox add-on to clean my bookmark collection and after that, I’ll import my bookmarks into StorURL but I think it would be useful to have this feature in StorURL.

    1. Joey HazlettJoey Hazlett Post author

      Thanks for the suggestion AltairAC. Duplicated bookmark search/removal is on the roadmap, but I haven’t come up with a good, efficient way to do it that doesn’t confuse the user.

  12. Raymo

    Nice software. I come from linkman lite. Linkman didn’t adapt the lite software to FF 54+
    There is also too much stuff inside.

    Your software is simple, clean and easy.
    There is 1 thing why I can’t use your software today:
    – it’s not unicode compliant. All my french, italian, russian, german links are unreadable. Letters as éèùìò are replaced with symbols.

    I miss 2 other things:
    1) firefox/chrome addon to put the links in the database (from within the browser)
    2) a constant visible search box

    I noted also that the search is not very fast if there are many url’s.
    The search doesn’t return the url when I search for p.e. “msn news” and the url titleis “msn video news”

    1. Raymo

      Sorry it is unicode compliant. I don’t what happened when I tried to import a html file.

  13. Older

    I really liked your program but how to import bookmarks from HTML file?

    1. Joey HazlettJoey Hazlett Post author


      To import from an HTML file, you can use the File->Import->Netscape Bookmarks File option in the latest version of the application. To keep hierarchical structure, I recommend that you import the HTML file into another browser first, like Chrome or Firefox, and then import into StorURL from that browser. StorURL’s HTML importation feature is very limited. The bookmarks.html file format is very loosely defined and various browsers take it upon themselves to attempt to extend it, potentially causing compatibility issues. It is easier for me to let someone who is getting paid to write the code do the hard work, and then piggy back off of it by importing their much cleaner format. 🙂

      1. Older

        Thank you, I did so “import the HTML file into another browser…and then import into StorURL from that browser”.

  14. Axiom

    Hello. I have a few features I’d like to suggest.
    – Support for tagging and import of tags from Firefox Bookmarks.
    – Selective bookmarks restore to browsers
    Thank you.

  15. ene

    Nice app, simple & intuitive.

    If I may suggest some features :
    – Separators
    – Expand/collapse all
    – Reorder bookmarks/categories the way you like by drag&drop

    2 things I noticed :
    – ‘Site icons’ are greyed out
    – After a while, adding ‘New Category’ with contextmenu is no more available (grayed out). I have to click to File -> New to add another one..

    TKS! ps: I use the portable edition

    1. Joey HazlettJoey Hazlett Post author

      Thanks for the feedback ene! I’ll take your feature suggestions into consideration.

      I’ve identified and resolved the New Category being greyed out bug. It should be fixed in the next release. I’m not sure what specific issue you are hitting when Site icons are greyed out. That option should be disabled if there are no bookmarks in the currently selected category, and should be re-enabled as soon as you navigate to a category that does contain bookmarks.

      1. ene

        Wonderful! Thanks Joey.

        I’ve just tried the icons stuff out and it works fine ! PS: you need to restart the app in order to see them.

        I really miss the separators/drag&drop features but otherwise it’s all good ! (very easy to use). I found your app via SnapFiles, just what I need 🙂

        Just another idea which might come in handy when you have lot of categories, the ability to add custom icons to them to make your content a bit easier to read.

        Thanks again and good luck with your next updates !

  16. Leroy Dunn

    I downloaded your program and installed it with no apparent errors but am at a lost on how it works. How come there is no help file? I don’t understand how it works. Can you please get me started.

    Thank you,
    Leroy Dunn
    <redacted to avoid spammers getting your email address>

    1. Joey HazlettJoey Hazlett Post author

      Hi Leroy,

      Please check out our video tutorial page for details on how to get started. The very first video should get you going. There is definitely a help file included with the application, but you have to launch the application to get access to it via the help menu.

  17. bcase

    First, let me tell you i’m so glad to find this app.!
    I was searching for a good bookmak manager since a while. And finaly i find this one, and it’s free.
    Thank you!!
    Now if you don’t mind, i want to share some ideas for enhancements:

    1) Can you offer this options to open URL’s (note that i’m using a portabe version of firefox) :
    a) Firefox is not running -> StorURL launch the browser and open the URL in a tab
    b) Firefox is already running -> StorURL open the URL in a new tab
    An other idea would be to give the possibility to custom the browsers links like this : “C:\Portableapps\Firefox\firefox.exe” -new-tab

    2) Possibility to create a batch of URLs (or a category of links) that you can open in one click

    3) Customisation options for StorURL : change background colour, text colour and links colour for example (all this white kill my eyes :))

    4) possibility to protect the database with a password

    That’s all!
    Once again : thank you for this app.

    NB: Sorry for the mistakes, english is not my native language (French)


    1. Joey HazlettJoey Hazlett Post author

      Hello! Thanks for the positive comments. I’m glad you are happy with StorURL.

      I’ll try to address all of your suggestions in order:
      1. StorURL uses native OS calls to launch the browser, it doesn’t specifically know how to interact with any single browser, as it was designed to work equally with all browsers. In my specific test case, if Firefox is not open, and I click the link in StorURL, it automatically opens the browser. If Firefox is already open, it already opens a new tab. I am not sure if this is a configuration in Firefox that I have specifically defined, or if that is the default behavior, but it seems to already be doing what you are asking for. As for your additional idea, I will look into why specifying parameters for custom browsers does not work. It is supposed to allow you to do what you are suggesting already, and I have tested that exact use-case in the past so I know it used to work. There seems to be a bug introduced. I will try to squash it.

      2. You can just select multiple URLs in a category, right-click any one of them, and choose Open in Browser->Your Browser. It will automatically open each of the URLs in a separate tab in the browser, or separate windows if you have your browser configured that way.

      3. StorURL conforms to the system’s theme colors. If you set it to one of the accessible themes that use dark backgrounds, it will render itself with that theme instead of the bright white defaults. Nevertheless, I’ll consider implementing a way to customize the window.

      4. Password protection/encryption is on the roadmap for the next major release. I haven’t had much time to work on major changes lately, but once I get some free time, it’s definitely going to be implemented.

      Thanks for the suggestions, they are definitely helpful in making StorURL a useful tool for all who want it.

      1. bcase

        I’m glad i could bring some ideas.

        I made some test:
        – With Internet Explorer : when i try to open multiple URLs like you said it opens each URL in a separate window.
        – With Firefox closed : if I select, for example, 2 URLs only one (the first) is open in firefox,
        – With Firefox already open : I have this message if I try to open 1 or 2 URLs : ” Another Mozilla Firefox is running. Close Mozilla Firefox before running Mozilla Firefox Portable”.

        I don’t know, perhaps the problem depends on my computer. I use Firefox but Internet Explorer is my default browser.
        Anyway, I’m waiting for the next major release.
        Thank you for taking time to considered my suggestions.

  18. Carl Smith


    Thank you for updating StorURL! If it’s as good as the previous version, I’m excited!
    (smile).. I’m little concerned, saw the earlier post above and I also use WIN7 PRO.

    Will the StorURL new version also stop on me as it did for this other person?
    I really would like to use it if it can run stable, please…

    I also enjoy two other utilities: the Multi-File Replace and the Work Scheduler.

    SUGGESTION: please make both the Multi-Replace and the Work Scheduler portable/USB?

    Thank You Joey

    Carl Smith

    1. Joey HazlettJoey Hazlett Post author

      All of my new(ish) applications are designed and built on Windows 7 x64. I also test them on Windows 7 Enterprise occasionally, usually if it’s one of my tools I wrote to use myself at work. I recently found that for StorURL 3, the Microsoft VC 2005 runtime files are necessary, due to me using a 3rd-party database connection library. From my testing, I’ve figured out that all you need is the .NET framework and that runtime (both linked from the page above in the requirements section) to get the application up and running on a brand new Windows 7 system with no updates or anything else. You can also play it safe and download the Full install including the runtimes, and that will guarantee StorURL will work on your Windows 7 system. 🙂

      Also, if you’re interested in receiving email updates when StorURL gets updated, fill out the little subscription box above. It will sign you up only to receive updates for this specific application, when I post them. I won’t use your address for any other purpose than to notify you when StorURL is updated.

  19. Jo C

    I’m unable to install storURL 3.0 on win7. It stops at the creating database stage.
    I checked event log and found 2 events logged with storURL: ID 33 and 1001.
    I read your introduction again and enabled .NET 3.5 framework (initially only .NET 4 is running). But still same issue.
    Please help.

    1. Joey HazlettJoey Hazlett Post author

      Hi Jo,

      I have sent you an email with some troubleshooting steps that I felt weren’t really helpful to post as a comment. Please try those steps and let me know how it goes.

      1. Jo C

        Hi Joey,

        Thanks for your prompt reply.
        I have gotten your mail, tried the steps, and had sent you the error message. Hope those are useful.


        1. Joey HazlettJoey Hazlett Post author

          We resolved this issue by having Jo install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Runtime files, which are necessary for the new database format. If you run into an issue while trying to load or create a database, please make sure you have these runtime files installed.


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